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Introduction: Learn Like You Intend To Teach

Do you ever feel like you’re out to sea with all of the stuff there is to know in 2017?

With more information than ever before available any time you want it, are you pretty sure you know nothing and have completely devolved into cave(wo)man only capable of knowing what you want to eat and how to communicate exclusively with emojis? 🍕💩🍷😴 🔄


(While binge-watching Game of Thrones of course.)

Okay, I don’t expect that any of us feel we’ve really become THAT incapacitated yet. Hopefully… But maybe you’re like me and you feel like your anxiety is on the rise & though you WANT to know more things, you are less able to make choices about what and how to learn?

Though The Paradox of Choice has recently been challenged, I still kinda feel it, man… like, surely I’m not the only one who’s walked into a frozen yogurt shop like ever and felt like this…


Okay, here’s a quick bit of background on me.

Or actually, my husband.

I have the great fortune of being married to a man who has a big, giant brain. He is my favorite human ever but while he is loving and kind and smart his brain is just so gigantic that sometimes I feel kind of dumb talking with him, though I know that’s not the case.

The primary difference between us (besides maybe his insane ability to multitask) is that he has developed the powerful life skill of learning with intentionality and he summarized it to me like this:

“Learn like you intend to teach.”

Then he strolled back to his post on the mountainside, greeting weary travelers and imparting his timeless wisdom.

Dude. Dude.

That’s what this blog is about.

I’ve decided to start a blog and learn me some stuff instead of just giving up and hunting down local teenagers for some Adderall. While still tempting sometimes, that shit’s scary — though apparently it can be mitigated with some neuroscience…which I just learned, hey! This blog thing is already working!

This is a place for me to center my online experience and where I can explore what I’m learning & share it in simple, meaningful ways.

For myself and hopefully-maybe-possibly for you, too.

What kinds of things are you trying to learn these days but feel like you’re really sucking at? Please tell me about it in the comments!